PROENGINEPART supplies diesel & gasoline engine parts and other components for Trucks, Cars, Light Duty Vehicles.
Diesel Engine Parts are produced in world standards and exported all over the world.

Having spent 29 years in manufacturing parts for engines we launched PROENGINEPART Brand for trading parts directly from Manufacturing Factories and join our experiences of manufacturing to supply the quality and certified parts for our clients.

We supply thousand of different parts for Diesel Engines.
Oil Pumps, Fuel pumps, Water Pumps, Fly Wheels, Crankshaft Pulleys, Relief Valves, Repair Kits for Oil &Fuel Pumps, Gasket, Transmission Gear, Brake Disc, Crown Wheel, Hydraulic Parts, Cylinder Head, Exhaust Manifold, Brake & Clutch Equipments, Crankshafts.

Our young qualified staff and vision to expand our client base has gained us many partners in many countries.

We look forward to see our parts in every single engine throughout the world and ready to use on your shelves.


Proenginepart: Engine and Spare parts for all types. (




Our goal  is to supply in future for your requirements for latest products from different and free suppliers. PROENGINEPART is a reliable and motivated  company to supply you with OE quality products. Despite having independence of engine manufacturers as well as government strict reguations, we keep on finding and developing the parts to meet your quality criterias.  We are much more focused to deliver the excellence with our products.
We look forward to see our parts on your shelves.  This is what PROENGINEPART’s created for – continous part supply all over the globe.





PROENGINEPART’s  are produced at international locations by experienced & specialised manufacturers.  We warranty our quality with  service providers from the automotive sector. To ensure the quality, quality inspections take place on production site, at the production plant and at the main warehouse of PROENGINEPART.
PROENGINEPART parts are well maintained  for long-term storage before shipment.
Parts are  packed to preserve  quality to reach its end users . Higly Experinced Processing Department ships our parts all over the world.
Top-quality, neat processes in sales and shipment secure that your purchased orders are processed smoothly and fast. We at PROENGINEPART supply you with thousand of automotive parts in OE standards faster and  lower priced  than other manufacturers.



We PROENGINEPART are a highly motivated company with young staff that is ready to embrace changes and regulations as well as customer trends. Our team is composed exclusively of employees who have many years of experience in the industry. We work with many products type and thus offer our customers and partners with OE quality and result oriented quality assurance.









  •  Product development for new parts
  •  Support for customers with technical questions
  •  Solutions for customers with know how
  •  Assistance for all vehicle parts and for diesel engines








@ PROENGINEPART Production Stages applied for each part by our subsidiary manufacturers.

Raw Material quality is the the most important role in the production therefor we work with manufacturers who meets criterias of OE standards and obtain material analysis used internationally.

Proenginepart knows the important of a trained technical staff and modern facility with latest technology machineries, therefor expanded its product range each day, by performing high quality assurance with its suppliers ultimate technology quality measurement devices.

Today, Proenginepart exports spare parts to more than 45 countries and aim to expand its share in the market with its strategic investments and become a worldwide known brand.











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