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    proenginepart diesel engine-arts quality assurance

    @ PROENGINEPART Production Stages applied for each part by our subsidiary manufacturers.

    Raw Material quality is the the most important role in the production therefor we work with manufacturers who meets criterias of OE standards and obtain material analysis used internationally.


    Proenginepart  knows the important of a trained technical staff and modern facility with latest technology machineries, therefor expanded its product range each day, by performing high quality assurance with its suppliers ultimate technology quality measurement devices.


    Today, Proenginepart  exports spare parts to more than 45 countries and aim to expand its share in the market with its strategic investments and become a worldwide known brand.


    All parts that are produced by PROENGINEPART go through the following procedures.


    – Raw Material Analysis

    – Casting Unit

    – Machining

    – Grinding

    – Finishing

    – Cmm coordinate check

    – Performance Test

    – Packing