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Proenginepart Steering Box Repair Process

Proenginepart Steering Box Repair Process

What is a steering box?

Steering boxes are designed and developed to transfer the power applied to the steering rack which transmits its rotation to the necessary angle.
A steering box is a type of steering mechanism that is used in some vehicles. It is a box-shaped device that is typically located on the front of the vehicle, near the front wheels. The steering box contains a series of gears and other components that convert the rotational motion of the steering wheel into the lateral motion needed to turn the wheels of the vehicle. In some vehicles, the steering box is connected directly to the steering wheel, while in others it may be connected through a series of intermediate components, such as a steering column or a steering rack.

Proenginepart Steering Box Repair Processes are as follows:
1 – The repair kit is replaced with a new one. The Box is disassembled into parts and minor controls take place in order to see any defect in the distribution assembly and bearings. In case of any crack or abrasion, the machining and grinding processes take place to fix the necessary points. Bearings are also replaced in case any happen to be broken. Well-known brands are preferred when replacing repair kits.

2 – After changing the repair kit, the pressure test is checked. Replacing the repair kit plays an important role to ensure that there is no leaking in the operation of the box. They are well assembled and tightened.

3 – Steering balance checked. Oil pressure test and function test are applied to confirm the working parameters reached as well as the required turning ratio achieved

4 – Waterproofing is tested.

5 – The power steering pump is stained / painted and packed for delivery in wooden boxes. Staining and painting the Steering Box to achieve its original look is a priority before shipping.

We guarantee our products for up to 12 months / 1 year.
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Issues to Deal with After Making The Installation On Our Steering Boxes

After installing your reconditioned steering box, some unresolved issues may still need reparation. We advise you to check the following points to reaffirm all is running well.

1) Steering Pump:
– Valve malfunction: Make sure your steering pump is running well by checking if the valve is functioning properly.
– Rotor corrosion can lower the pressure thus ending up with a difficult steering turn.

2) Pipeline:
– Make sure your pipeline has no leaking points, breaks, or corrosion, this may end up the pipeline to breathe in air.

3) Connecting Shaft of the Steering wheel:
– Make sure the shaft that is connected to the steering box from the wheel is in well condition otherwise it may have bearing failure.

4) Front alignment and axle bearing failures can also cause steering box to malfunction.

5) For 8×4 trucks or heavy-duty trucks Slave Cylinder leakage problem. If leaking is in process on the slave cylinder the vehicle will tend to steer in one direction only.(right or left)